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Team Building

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Team building is important for any group.  Teams that bond outside of work or school have improved communication, collaborate more efficiently, and enjoy deeper interpersonal relationships.

In playing an escape game, your team will work together to find clues, solve puzzles and beat the clock.  You only have an hour to make your escape, so efficiency is key.

We recommend team building events for:

  • Church groups
  • School organizations
  • Social groups
  • Corporate events
  • Fundraisers
Exit Theory has two great options for your team building event.  The big question is our place or yours?

Our Place

8 - 30 Guests

4 themed rooms. Play 1 or play them all!

Synchronized start times available so that your group can play simultaneously and finish about the same time. Group pricing available for groups of 15 or more.

Our facility offers 4 immersive room themes to choose from, or you can play them all based on the size of your group.

Each room offers an escape from reality as you find clues, solve puzzles, and race the clock to escape in just 1 hour.  Rooms can accommodate up to 8 players which allows us to host up to 30 guests per hour.

Standard pricing is $25/player (tax included).  If you have a group of 15 or more, we offer group pricing to make the games more affordable.

Have an even larger group?  Check out our mega-mystery game below!

Your Place

25 - 200 Guests

Add a game to your event

Add a mega mystery game to your corporate event, holiday party, or fundraiser. Perfect for restaurants, hotel meeting rooms, or your location.
Dying to Retire Poster

Our mega-mystery game is designed for groups of practically any size and is portable to almost any space!  Our mega-mystery game is different than game at our location in the following ways:

  • Puzzles are table-top based and with no tech, so they are easily portable and scalable.
  • Since teams are playing the same game at the same time, this creates a head-to-head competition in a way that we just don’t have room to accommodate at our location.
  • This game is designed for larger groups, so per person pricing is lower making it more affordable for large events.

Teams work at their various tables to solve puzzles, then proceed to “rooms”(tables) around the event space opening locked boxes to retrieve evidence.  Evidence from all of the rooms is needed to solve the case.  Teams are staggered to begin in different rooms to minimize bottlenecks and keep the game moving.

Once a team believes they have the killer cornered, they will proceed to the “police station” and present their case.  The police chief will record their time and adjust for any clues used.  At the end of the game, the winning team is announced based on adjusted finish times.

  • Choose your timing.  1 or 2 hour game flows available.
  • Pricing is by table.  You choose team size up to 6 players per table.  (6 table minimum required.)  
  • Standard pricing is for locations within 10 miles of Longview, TX.  Additional mileage fee applies for events that require travel time.
  • Tables and chairs not provided.

If you would like to book a mega game, please shoot us an email or give us a call.  We like to book these in person since there are so many variables based on the venue.