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Ready to make a fabulous proposal to that special someone, but looking for a unique and exciting way to do it?  Let Exit Theory help!

Social media has upped the ante on coming up with something creative and memorable for your milestone events in life.  There is more pressure than ever to have a big story of how you popped the question.

Do you know many people that have an escape room proposal?  This is an exciting new way to propose to your significant other.

Come by sometime prior to the big day, and we will give you a tour of our rooms to let you get an idea of which one will fit your plans best.  We’ll be happy to help come up with ideas if you need a little escape room inspiration.  We’d love to help with a creative way to fit a proposal into any of our themes.

We can hide the ring or a message among the clues or you could step out a few moments before the big escape and be waiting on a knee when the door opens.  The sky is the limit.  Have a crazy idea?  Run it by us.  We would be so excited to help you make this magical moment something unique and custom to you.

For a small additional fee, we will produce a video of the big moment so you can remember it forever.  If you would like more information, give us a call or fill out the Contact Us form if you need more information.

Ready to book your game?  This is exciting!