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Escape Themes

Escape themes are the most critical part of any escape game.  The escape themes are what draw you in and make you feel like you are really living out this game.  At Exit Theory, we do our best to make the room feel as true to the theme as possible.  Therefore, we add a video at the beginning of each game to give you the backstory and set the stage for the game you are about to play.  You can also expect to have appropriate lighting and in-room sound effects to keep you in the story line.

Escape from Dino Island

You are finally taking a dream vacation to Dino Island where scientists are rumored to have created a dinosaur sanctuary using DNA from fossils. Just moments after beginning your tour of the lab, the power goes out. Your tour guides rush from the room to begin emergency procedures. Can you come up with a plan to safely make it from the lab to the helipad for rescue? The backup power supply will only last an hour. Hurry!

Automation:  25% – This room blends physical locks with some electronic triggered props.

** This game requires at least one player to crawl in order to recover clues.  This room is handicap accessible and can accommodate a chair, but not all puzzles are positioned to be easily viewed when seated.

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Santa’s Workshop

It’s the day before Christmas at Santa’s workshop and all the elves are sick with the flu! Time is running out, and Santa needs some help to finish loading the last batch of presents into the sleigh. It won’t be easy, the elves have a secret system for sorting the gifts to prevent anyone from tampering with the lists. Can you help Santa get the sleigh loaded in time for his yearly flight?

Automation:   100% – There are no padlocks in this room.  It even has a little augmented reality mixed in.  Don’t let the theme fool you.  The advanced level is pretty challenging.

** This room is fully handicap accessible.

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Killer Cabin

What started as an adventure with friends has turned into a nightmare in the making. After taking a wrong turn, you’ve wandered in circles all night. You’re tired and there is thunder in the distance. You stumble on a cabin and decide to take shelter until the storm passes, but shortly after entering the cabin the door closes and locks behind you. Why would someone lock you in? Through the misty darkness, you see a silhouette watching you through the trees. What is going on? Figure out a way out, and as soon as the rain stops and the sun is up, RUN!

Automation:  0% – This room is all old school padlocks, but it is still our best seller.

** This room is mostly handicap accessible.  However, there is one part of the game that will require we get a little creative with entry for that player.

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