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Game Nights Off-Site

Game nights are more fun with Exit Theory. We are excited to offer Game Nights Off-Site. These events are hosted at local venues and offer a relaxed atmosphere where groups can enjoy an evening of drinks, food and fellowship with a competitive twist.

Only 10 tables are available per event, so book your game early to reserve your space.  Prices are only $50/table, and each table seats 6.  Did you do the math?  That’s less than $10/person if you have a team of 6!  Book your game and invite your friends to fill your table.

how does it work?

This table-based puzzle game will challenge your sleuthing skills as you find codes and open locked boxes to retrieve the evidence and narrow the suspects.  Teams may have up to 3 clues if they are stumped but must use them carefully as each clue adds 5 minutes to their final time.  Once a team has identified their prime suspect, they will present their evidence to the police chief.  The chief will record their time and adjust it for clues used.  Once the first 3 groups have finished, a winner will be announced based on the adjusted time.  The person that booked the winning table with receive a promo code for a free ticket to one of our on-site rooms.

This is an Exit Theory hosted event so it is open to the anyone that would like to attend, but seating is limited. 

Recommended age range is 12 and older with regard to puzzle difficulty. Bring your friends, family, or coworkers and put away your phone to enjoy a relaxing evening of food and fellowship.

Have a venue suggestion or want to book a private game for your group?  Send us an e-mail or give us a call!

Upcoming games

December is so busy with holiday partiesa and events, we are planning to resume game nights in January.  We are in the active planning stages for dates and venues.  Please help us by providing your feedback in the survey below!