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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the spirit of making everyone comfortable with all things escape rooms, we have included a pretty complete list of our most common questions below.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  There really aren’t so many rules once you get here.  We just want to make the information available for those that need it.

General Questions

How big are the rooms?

Our rooms are approximately 11×13 or about the size of an average living room or bedroom.  Our general room areas are not small confined spaces.  In some rooms, we do have smaller areas that are part of the game play, but they are not required for all players.  If you are not comfortable in any space, you don’t have to go in.

Is the door really locked?

Yes.  Well sort of.  Our doors are secured with a magnet that is attached to a puzzle in most cases.  However, doors that have a magnetic lock also have a release button that may be used in case of emergency or if you would like to exit the room before the game is over.

How long are we in the room?

You have one hour to escape from any of our rooms.

Will we be playing with people we don’t know?

Each of our room times accommodate up to 8 people.  If you do not purchase all tickets for the scheduled time, you may possibly be playing with another group.  Keep in mind, the more players in the room, the more likely you are to escape.  Take advantage of the extra help, and get to know some new people at the same time.  Typically mixed groups work very well together and really enjoy the experience.  If you are uncomfortable playing with people you don’t know, we recommend booking the entire room, or playing as a walk-in.  This way you can know for sure you will be in the room alone.

What time should we arrive?

It is recommended that your group arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time to allow time for check in and some brief rules.

What happens if we arrive late?

There are so many factors here it’s hard to give a one size fits all answer.  In general, if you arrive just a few minutes after the scheduled start time, we can allow you to play for the full hour.  If you are more than 10 minutes late and are not playing with another group, you will be allowed to play, but your game time will be shortened.  If you are playing with another group scheduled for the same game, we’re sorry you will not be allowed to play.  We will start the other group at the scheduled time, and no late entry will be allowed since it is disruptive to the players that have already started their game.

What happens if we get stuck and can’t figure out the next step?

We are monitoring your game as you play. If you are stumped, hit the clue button, and we will send you a hint on the television in the room. We know where you are in the game. So we can tell you just what you’ll need to get you going.  Don’t worry, if you run out of time, we WILL let you go home.

Is there a minimum age to play?

While all of our themes are appropriate for any age, we do recommend that players be at least 7 years old. Younger children will typically not be entertained by this type of puzzle game and find it frustrating being the room for the whole hour. If you would like to bring children under 7, please book the entire room so that your family can enjoy the room without playing with another group.

Do you sell alcohol or can we bring our own?

Because we are a family-friendly venue, we do not sell or allow alcohol at our location. If you are obviously intoxicated when you arrive for your game, we reserve the right to refuse entry into our rooms.

Do we have to book online in advance?

We recommend booking online to reserve your preferred room and time, but we do allow walk-ins if you would rather be spontaneous or prefer to pay cash.  On our scheduled on-site days, we will be glad to put you into the room of your choice if there are tickets available at your arrival time.

Pricing, Cancellations and Refund Questions

What are your ticket prices?

Our general admission prices are $24/ticket.  We have a group discounts available.  When you book the whole room (8 tickets), a discount of $2/ticket is automatically applied at checkout.  If you have a group larger than 16, give us a call for large group pricing.

Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

Because tickets are specific to a certain game and time, we do not offer refunds.  We understand things come up, and we are happy to reschedule your game with 24 hours notice, but there are no refunds for any reason.

Group Questions

We have a group of more than 8. What is our best option?

The answer is, that depends….  If you have just a few over 8, we can adjust the room limit for up to 10 for single groups.  If you have more than 10, we recommend splitting and playing multiple rooms.  We have 3 rooms available most of the time, so we can allow for 30 players per hour.


Do you offer large group discounts

Yes. We have tiered pricing depending on the size of your group. So give us a call or shoot us an e-mail for more information.

Do we have to play at the scheduled times?

With large groups, we will be happy to adjust the start times of the rooms to allow the entire group to start around the same time. This way there will be no need for some to be waiting long periods for the rest to finish their game. Adjusting the schedule is subject to prior bookings for the adjoining game times, but give us a little notice, and we will gladly make the needed adjustments.

Do you have a meeting/party room?

We have a party room available that seats up to 12 with the typical setup. This room can be used for birthday parties, team building events, or as a hang out area for larger groups. The room is available free of charge with the purchase of your tickets. Just let us know you need it, and we’ll reserve it for you.

Do you offer corporate events?

Yes!  We enjoy hosting groups of coworkers.  While we have weekday availability on our Book Now page, if you need a time that you don’t see available, don’t be shy.  Give us a call, and we can arrange to be available at the time that works best for you.

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